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Manifest daily with award-winning host and serial entrepreneur Melinda Wittstock and successful women entrepreneurs who share their secrets, success tips, and ‘fail forward’ epiphanies in this lively, raw and motivating podcast. Learn from these amazing women so you too can manifest confidence, connections and capital, step into your authentic feminine power and realize the success of your dreams in life and in business.


It’s time to change the game as a woman in business

Who is Melinda Wittstock?

She’s an Entrepreneur. An Explorer. A Catalyst.

Melinda inspires conscious ‘evolved entrepreneurship’ and authentic connection to our true purpose in life as women in business. She believes magic happens at the intersection of personal and business growth, and that women stepping into their authentic feminine power to innovate in business is the solution to the most intractable challenges in our world. Melinda’s “moonshot” is to invest in 100 female-founded and run companies.

Melinda launched WINGS to empowering women worldwide to empower each other. CEO and Founder of her third company Verifeed, and an award winning technology innovator and journalist, Melinda believes too many women “succeed in silence” and she intends to change all that with WINGSs and her new book on female entrepreneurship (to be published in 2018).

Melinda juggles it all (and admittedly drops a few balls) as a single mom with two amazing kids Sydney and Finn, and her beloved golden retriever Josie. She lives an “all in” life of endless curiosity – from her inner exploration of mindfulness, meditation and yoga to her exploration of the world on her exotic travels.

What else? Well…

  • Interviewing Steve Jobs as a young financial reporter on The Times of London, the Apple founder told Melinda she “asked the best questions”.
  • “You’re disruptive”, her grandmother told the 5-year-old Melinda after she went door-to-door to get neighbors to pre-pay for her “show”.
  • Competing with her team in a Maverick “Amazing Race” around Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, Melinda took a giant leap to the finishing line (a hot tub) and splashed ungracefully right next to the Virgin founder.
  • She is a yoga and meditation fanatic who believes (fervently) that tequila is a pro-biotic.

Melinda is also Founder and CEO of her fourth company, the predictive ‘social intelligence’ company Verifeed. There, she has innovated powerful social media engagement technology called Return on Authenticity™. She’s busy developing a “social media ‘Alexa’ in your pocket” using mobile AI to enable you to find your true customer tribe and personalize your social conversations at scale.

She is an award-winning journalist, host and content creator (BBC TV, ABC News, CNBC, Times of London, NPR, and her own media ventures NewsiT and Capitol News Connection).

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What Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Listeners say about MELINDA

Tina Sharkey

A time capsule that will live beyond this conversation

By Tina Sharkey, CEO and Co-Founder - brandless

“Thank you for taking the courage, and the time, and the commitment outside of all of the things you extraordinarily already do to document these stories because it really is a documentation and a time capsule that will live beyond this conversation. You’re putting out there much more than you have time to do, need to do because it is your passion, so supporting you and all the women that are coming on to your show it’s really about honoring what you’re doing for everybody else. So really the thanks go to you.”

Sally Hogshead

The world needs this!

By Sally Hogshead, Fascination Advantage

“I’m honored to be part of this. I’m so proud for you for all that you’re doing right now. The world needs this, and I love that we got to talk to each other for both of us sort of at the beginning of our unfolding this to the world. “

Lynne Twist

She’s an inspiration for me!

By Lynne Twist, Founder of the Pachamama Alliance and the Author of The Soul of Money.

“I first met the amazing, Melinda Wittstock, at a Maverick event where she and her colleagues of amazing entrepreneurs put their considerable brain power to work to help us at the Pachamama Alliance save the sacred headwaters of the Amazon Rainforest, the most bio-diverse ecosystem on Earth. Melinda is an amazing, incredible, brilliant woman and she is committed to evolving our consciousness and overcoming our fears to make a much, much better world. She came with us on a journey to the Amazon Rainforest, deep in the most remote region, right on the equator. She gained tremendous insights out of that trip that she’s putting to work in her business and also in a book she’s writing right now, which will come out next year. She’s an inspiration for me, hopefully for you, for men and women everywhere, to live a better life and to make a difference with their life. I love Melinda Wittstock.”